Acoustic Piano or  RD-300SX 88 Note Digital Piano, the Choice is yours.  

In the Music player below, I have two  versions of Days of Wine and Roses that I recorded. The first version was recorded on an acoustic piano, and the second version on  my Solo Keyboard setup. This allows you to compare the sound between the two instruments and see which you would prefer at your special occasion.  


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While the sound and look of a good Grand Piano is wonderful, sometimes the pianos at the venue are not well maintained. If you are in doubt about the condition of the piano at the location where your affair is to be held, keep in mind that an alternate solution is to let us provide our keyboard setup. The Sound of the Roland RD-300SX 88 note Digital Piano that we use is obtained by Digitally sampling many Fine Grand Pianos in the $20,000 - $80,000 price range, producing a CD quality stereo sound. For this reason the Digital Piano is always in tune, and always has a sound that can be perfectly adjusted to exactly match the room. It's never to loud, and always has a rich, clear sound. Several of Atlanta's most exclusive country clubs where Bob performs on a regular basis, have requested that Bob always bring his keyboard setup rather than playing the piano that the club owns. In addition to the 88 note  Roland Digital Stage Piano, we also use a Yamaha Motif which provides over 1,000 additional  sounds including dozens of different acoustic grand piano sounds.

Another advantage to having us provide the keyboard is the large cost saving to the customer. Many venues charge a substantial rental fee for the piano they have on site, regardless of the condition it is in, that can range up to a couple of hundred dollars. Today, almost every professional musical group brings their own keyboards with them, not wanting to take a gamble with the condition of the Piano at the Venue. In addition the stereo amplification Bob uses with his Keyboard setup can be used as a PA for announcements, without the customer having to supply a sound system.

The remaining important factor, is the unlimited variety of sounds that can be created with a good Keyboard setup, is unequalled.